Episode 58- Dune vs. Dune

Two films one book, or is it? This week we contrast Dune 1984 with Dune 2021. Frank Hebert’s complex novel continues to attract top shelf talent, and disparate visions, does either succeed? David Lynch has all but disowned his effort, while Denis Villeneuve has already spent more time telling half the story. It’s hard to overstate the influence this story, and theequally fascinating story of its would be creators and collaborators have had in shaping modern sci fi cinema. 

Steve joins us to add some spice as we decide which space opera might just turn your brown eyes blue. 

Steve: Not Just Another Geek Podcast

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Episode 57- Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

This week week’s film will DOMINATE most others in its ability to INDUCE thoughtful discussion of the alternative lifestyles of Professor William Marston, his wife Elizabeth, and their partner and ingénue Olive, who became the primary inspiration for Marston’s creation of Wonder Woman. We SUBMIT to you this film is well worth your time, and as always we thank you for your COMPLIANCE

We are joined this week by Kiki, Steve, and Jeanie.

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