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MTN podcast - The Long Kiss Goodnight

Episode 60 – The Long Kiss Goodnight

We are joined by Sara Netley, and Jo to discuss Sara’s pet film, the 1996 Geena Davis starring, Shane Black scripted, Samuel L. Jackson co-starring, Brian Cox’d cameo’d, uzi laden blockbuster (of Sara’s heart). Join us as our reviews are nearly as varied and confounding as the film’s villains.

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Audition - 1999 movie review podcast

Episode 59 – Audition

This Episode we are joined by Sara Netzley to discuss Takashi Miike’s 1999 film Ōdishon (Audition). We unanimously agree that this film is best experienced devoid of expectations and foreknowledge, so please, go see it before you hear us discuss it, and we all agree, you SHOULD go see it!

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Episode 58- Dune vs. Dune

Two films one book, or is it? This week we contrast Dune 1984 with Dune 2021. Frank Hebert’s complex novel continues to attract top shelf talent, and disparate visions, does either succeed? David Lynch has all but disowned his effort, while Denis Villeneuve has already spent more time telling half the story. It’s hard to overstate the influence this story, and theequally fascinating story of its would be creators and collaborators have had in shaping modern sci fi cinema. 

Steve joins us to add some spice as we decide which space opera might just turn your brown eyes blue. 

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Episode 57- Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

This week week’s film will DOMINATE most others in its ability to INDUCE thoughtful discussion of the alternative lifestyles of Professor William Marston, his wife Elizabeth, and their partner and ingénue Olive, who became the primary inspiration for Marston’s creation of Wonder Woman. We SUBMIT to you this film is well worth your time, and as always we thank you for your COMPLIANCE

We are joined this week by Kiki, Steve, and Jeanie.

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Episode 56 – Goodfellas vs. Boogie Nights

This week, we lined up two great Hollywood films for your listening pleasure, 1990’s, “Goodfellas” and 1997’s, “Boogie Nights.”  Tonight, we are joined again by Steve from both the Not Just Another Geek and Not Just Another Disney podcasts. Both films explore the concepts of family, loyalty, and hubris. But is they share an ethos as well? 

Sean and Henno sent Roy home to get his fu**ing shine box this week, and what an episode he missed! 

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Episode 55 – Demolition Man Vs The Fifth Element

Grab your Multipass, and brush up on your shell game as we discuss Demolition Man versus the Fifth Element. Aging action heroes from the past, resurrected to bring peace to the future while occassionally reflecting, on what exactly is worth saving here on Earth. From Chris Tucker to Bill Hick… Denis Leary, there’s a lot to unpack here and we hope this episode brings you joy joy feelings.

This week we are joined by Ben from the Film Floggers podcast as well as Jeanie, returning to share her perspective on these very very male movies.

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Read more about the article Episode 54 – Old
Old - 2021

Episode 54 – Old

We are back with our second new release film discussion of the modern MTN era (the other was ‘On the QT’ when Once Upon a Time in Hollywood released in theaters).  This time, it’s the M. Night Shyamalan thriller, ‘Old.’  There is lots to unpack here.  We ask why we constantly see Shyamalan’s films knowing many of them are underwhelming.  Is Night simply a master of creating trailers?  Should he collaborate with better writers or directors, and if so, whom?  We have a lot to say about his ego sabotages much of his films.    

We are joined by Steve, host of the currently on a semi-annual break, Not Just Another Geek and Not Just Another Disney podcasts.  Sean, Roy, and Steve worked together at a movie theater over 25 years ago, and they have podcasted together over 100 times.  Steve is one of the nicest people in the world, but that may not help M. Night Shyamalan tonight.   

We hope you enjoy the show!   

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Read more about the article Episode 53 – Dead Alive/Braindead
Dead Alive (Braindead) 1993 review podcast

Episode 53 – Dead Alive/Braindead

We are re-joined by Jo to discuss Peter Jackson’s 1992 (1993 in the U.S.) tour-de-force gore-fest, Dead Alive.  This movie is hard to find (unless you shop on eBay, are willing to take it from YouTube, or you’re a pirate), but it is available if you do the work.  If you haven’t seen it, most of us think you’re missing out.

This film has both past horror references and is referenced by many as well.  We have a mother who smothers her son, zombies, stop-motion animation, violence, gore, gag-inspiring moments, and so much more.  If you love blood, gore, fun and interesting characters, and gross-out moments, this film is for you.    

We hope you enjoy the show!  If you feel moved, please write us a review on your pod-player of choice. 

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Episode 54 is going to be a discussion about M. Night Shyamalan’s new release, Old.  Is this another good M. Night picture or an intriguing trailer wasted?  We welcome back Steve from @notanothrpod on this episode.

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Episode 52 – Armageddon

We want to thank you for your patience while we enjoyed a little Summertime fun. 

We are back with Sara Netzley, our Dr. Fun, to watch 1998’s Michael Bay film, Armageddon.  This movie is action-packed.  The question is, did they pack a colon or a film?  How many of us are going to rate this film like a vicious life-sucking bitches from which there is no escape?  Are we going to discuss the merits of animal crackers vs. cookies?  Maybe.  We are certainly going to converse about the terrible jokes (for example, calling Stamper’s team The Wrong Stuff) and the frightening lack of pushback while one roughneck discusses underage girls.  Sean also unloads on Harry’s dressing down of the scientists because his Dad was a rocket scientist for many years (and we don’t get in the way of his rant by reminding him that it’s a movie). 

Our panel puts the testy in Test of Time.  We hope you listen and enjoy it!

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Our next episode, #53, is Peter Jackson’s 1992 gore-fest, Dead Alive (AKA Braindead).  We are joined once more by Jo (@jomccunephotography – IG) to discuss the film. 

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Episode 51 – Speed 2 vs. A Good Day to Die Hard

If you listened to our Speed vs. Point Break episode, you heard us kick around the concept of what if chose two terrible sequels instead.  Well, here is the result.  Mike from the Adkins Undisputed Podcast and the Dana Buckler Show joins us to answer this.  We are debating which is worse: Speed 2: Cruise Control or A Good Day to Die Hard, AKA Die Hard 5.  We kicked around some other stinkers, but this one felt right to try first.

As you know, Speed 2: Cruise Control left a wake of weak ticket sales, and it was more destructive to the studio’s books than the cruise liner crashing through St. Martin.  Some notable names, including Keanu Reeves and Gary Oldman, passed on this film.  A Good Day to Die Hard was successful, but who mailed it in more: the editor(s), writers, or Bruce Willis?  Jai Courtney doesn’t escape criticism either.  We hope you enjoy the process as we decide which one really, really sucks and sucks even worse. 

Thank you for listening!  On Episode 52, we welcome back Dr. Sara Netzley, journalism professor by day and writer by night, to cover her pet film: Armageddon. 

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