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Episode 48 – Spy

As the film states, “well-behaved women seldom make history,” so we invited two of our favorites on to discuss 2015’s, Spy.  Jo usually joins us for art films, but this time she joins us for a comedy.  Jo’s past episodes are The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Oldboy, and Being There.  Carmelita is also back for more fun with us.  She was with us for, Blues Brothers, Boughs of Folly, and 1941.  As always, we are gifted beyond measure with wonderful guests, and they shine throughout the episode.

Since Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy’s movies were a letdown.  Spy came out on the heels of Tammy, a film where Roy, who chose Spy as his pet film, said he didn’t laugh for over an hour.  The marketing for Spy was ineffective as well.  They made it look more like another heaping helping of McCarthy fat jokes instead of the female-empowering film that It’s no surprise that our panel is once again somewhat far apart over their approval (*cough* Henno, *cough*), but this movie was a hit. 

Over the episode we discuss how much fun Jason Statham was and what a pleasant surprise Miranda Hart was.  We are almost 100% on the casting.  This movie is so fun to quote as well.  So, clutch your crazy cupcake toggle necklace, grab your rape whistle, and join us on this fun episode!

And no, we do not refrain from using the term thunderc**t. 

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MTNpod How to With John Wilson

Episode 42 – How to with John Wilson

In 2020, HBO released, “How to with John Wilson.”  For those who are unfamiliar, “How to,” is a six-episode series about a New York City resident and some of the challenges he experiences by living there.  Some of them are: protecting furniture from a scratch-happy cat, making small talk, how accurate some of the memory we rely on is, splitting a restaurant check, NYC and its scaffolding, and making the perfect risotto from scratch without any inclination how to make it. 

The show takes many hard right turns.  Some are wild, a few poignant, and at least interesting.  There are only six episodes at the moment, and they are around thirty minutes each.  We hope you check it out and listen to our commentary.  Three out of four of us believe this show is very good to great.  You will have to listen to decide if the fourth one supported his claim that it was average. 

We are joined once again by Steve from the Not Just Another Geek (and a Disney one, too) Podcast!  Steve has been a friend of Sean and Roy’s for over 25 years, and Sean and Roy were part of his previous podcasts.  We have fun discussing movies and pushing each other’s buttons.

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Sean and Roy joined Steve for a retrospective X-Men (2000) episode

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