If you listened to our Speed vs. Point Break episode, you heard us kick around the concept of what if chose two terrible sequels instead.  Well, here is the result.  Mike from the Adkins Undisputed Podcast and the Dana Buckler Show joins us to answer this.  We are debating which is worse: Speed 2: Cruise Control or A Good Day to Die Hard, AKA Die Hard 5.  We kicked around some other stinkers, but this one felt right to try first.

As you know, Speed 2: Cruise Control left a wake of weak ticket sales, and it was more destructive to the studio’s books than the cruise liner crashing through St. Martin.  Some notable names, including Keanu Reeves and Gary Oldman, passed on this film.  A Good Day to Die Hard was successful, but who mailed it in more: the editor(s), writers, or Bruce Willis?  Jai Courtney doesn’t escape criticism either.  We hope you enjoy the process as we decide which one really, really sucks and sucks even worse. 

Thank you for listening!  On Episode 52, we welcome back Dr. Sara Netzley, journalism professor by day and writer by night, to cover her pet film: Armageddon. 

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