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Big Versus 13 Going on 30

Episode 45 – Big vs. 13 Going on 30

Your wish is granted.  Our professor of fun, Sara Netzley, is back to discuss which one is at least slightly better: Big or 13 Going on 30

Big was released in 1988, which puts Roy and Sean at the same age of Josh Baskin.  Will this and the humor of Tom Hanks be enough to kick Jennifer Garner, with all her pluck and beauty, out of Jenna Rink’s custom dream house?  We ask if either film does more than buzz the cringe tower, and what about the Thriller dance scene choice?  The guys put on their best bedazzled tuxedos to join Sara in a fun episode.  We hope you enjoy it as much as the other old man MacMillan’s and Baskin’s FAO Schwartz display.

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Our next episode, #46, is 1979’s Being There with Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine.  We are joined once again by Jo (@jomccunephotography – IG) to discuss this multi-award-winning film. 

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MTNpod This is Spinal Tap vs Best in Show

Episode 44 – This is Spinal Tap vs. Best in Show

You Guest it, this is a cage match between two all-time great mockumentary films.  This is Spinal Tap is a documentary about the band’s American comeback tour that starts badly and builds momentum to what could be the band’s undoing.  Best in Show follows several dog owners as they prepare for the prestigious Mayflower Dog Show.  Both films are quality films, so we argue over which one we like just a little bit more. 

We are joined by Steve from both the Not Just Another Geek and Not Just Another Disney podcasts.  Sean, Roy, and Steve worked together at a movie theater over 25 years ago, and they have podcasted together over 100 times.  We hope you enjoy the show!   

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Sean and Roy joined Steve for a retrospective X-Men (2000) episode

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