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Episode 40 – Cuties

Tonight we ask, can you judge a film by its poster? This is a film you’ve likely heard a lot about, likely from sources that haven’t seen it. Sean and Henno are joined by first time podcast guest Kiki to discuss the independent and award winning French film, from Maïmouna Doucouré, Cuties (Mignonnes) and the subsequent fallout from its notorious cover art revamp.

You can find Kiki and her art on Instagram @kikicovet 

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Episode 39 – Spaceballs vs. Galaxy Quest

This episode is a lot of fun.  Henno improved an idea Roy wanted to borrow from a friend on Facebook, which was: Change My Mind: Galaxy Quest is better than every Star Wars movie. 

We have no guest this week, but we discuss:

  • Who prefers Spaceballs over Galaxy Quest?
  • Tim Allen hate, but is it deserved?
  • Alan Rickman love because it is deserved
  • Is it ok to like Spaceballs because pre-teen us loves Spaceballs?
  • Is it ok to dismiss Spaceballs because it is not top-tier Mel Brooks humor?
  • Was Rick Moranis the only good thing about Spaceballs?
  • And much, much more!

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Our next episode is the controversial French film, Cuties.  Find out if the film is worthy of the negative attention Netflix received and still receives for putting it in their library.

Starship Troopers vs Robocop

Episode 37 – Robocop vs. Starship Troopers

We have a mega-versus this week, and we bring in an action movie expert to meet the challenge.  We welcome Michael Scott from both the Dana Buckler Show and Adkins Undisputed Podcast to help figure out which one of these Paul Verhoeven films is just a bit better.

Robocop and Starship Troopers are two Paul Verhoeven films made ten years apart.  Robocop is a look at crime-ridden Detroit and a new cyborg creation trying to reduce crime where the corporation who runs the police is worse than the criminals Robocop is trying to arrest.  Starship Troopers is about four high school friends who join the military and find out young that they are underprepared to fight an alien bug army of undetermined size. 

We are split evenly on the films.  We hope you do your part and reply to us with your pick. 

Connect with Michael:
Michael Scott
Adkins Undisputed
The Dana Buckler Show

bill and ted 3

Episode 36 – Bill and Ted Face the Music

It’s been 29 years since the most excellent duo delivered us a movie.  Was it worth the wait, and how does the dearth of new movies recently skew what we think? 

We have no guest this episode.  Sean, Henno, and Roy discuss (not in order):

  • Changing out the medieval babes
  • Bill and Ted’s kids (including IMDb setting Roy up for failure by switching the actors’ names – by the way, it’s STILL wrong!)
  • Gush for Anthony Carrigan and William Sadler
  • Appreciation for keeping most of the cast together
  • The not very strong start
  • What didn’t feel quite right (watching a Bill and Ted movie)
  • How satisfying was the conclusion of the trilogy overall?   

Thank you for listening!

1941 review

Episode 35 – 1941

After the Sugarland Express, Steven Spielberg directed two mega-successes, Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Combined, Jaws and Close Encounters earned almost $750,000,000 at the box office.  That is in 1970s money.  At this point, Universal, Spielberg’s clout could get anything made.  So why not make a comedy?  Surely, he can climb the comedy hill as well as suspense and science-fiction.  

Fast-forward to the late 1970s.  Spielberg decides to direct a comedy about further attacks by the Japanese in World War II.  This movie is loaded with talented writers and actors.   Robert Zemekis, Robert Stack, Bob Gale, Toshirô Mifune, Christopher Lee, Murray Hamilton, Lorraine Gary, John Belushi, Ned Beatty, John Candy, and much, much, more.  Spielberg is the hottest director leading one of the (if not the) finest casts in movie history.  

Contrary to popular opinion, this movie did not flop.  However, it was only a minor success.  We are re-joined by Carmelita (from our Blues Brothers episode) to grade and discuss what some consider a well-made film and one of us graded much lower (and everyone else in-between).  Be sure to give our 1941 episode a listen and let us know what you think!  

Thank you for listening!

Limbo (1999)

Episode 34 – Limbo (1999)

Every so often, we dive into art house cinema; and we are joined by our dear friend Steve from the Not Just Another Geek Pod Podcast to dive into a tale of turn-of-the-century Alaska.  This films stars one of Sean’s favorite actors, David Strathairn, so expect him to gush heartily about him.  Limbo also stars Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Vanessa Martinez, and Kris Kristofferson, and is written and directed by John Sayles.

This film is worth the watch, but Roy has a problem with the way it ends.  He feels like Sayles owes the audience something that he doesn’t provide.  There is also a Gone Girl-like moment that changes the movie completely, and we talk about how well that decision works.  

We also ask if a 1990s-like indie movement would be good for Hollywood in the way low budget horror films work for studios like A24 and Blumhouse.  

**As of late August 2020, Limbo (1999) is not streaming anywhere for free.  All the major streaming rental services start at $3.99**

Dodgeball Vs Baseketball

Episode 33 – Dodgeball vs. Baseketball  

Dude!  We’re 33 episodes in! 

This time, we dive into two sports fit for the Ocho: Dodgeball and Baseketball.  With two movies rife with mediocre characters (at best), we had to turn the MTN Batsignal on for a member of the world’s sexiest podcast, Bryan from the Salty Language Podcast, to pump up the appeal like White Goodman’s codpiece.    We argue over which is the better movie and if Ben Stiller’s performance is any good.  We make each other bleed each other’s blood while we hope nobody in the audience chooses none of you choose scenario number one. 


Episode 32 – Almost Famous

Almost Famous turns 20 this year, and Roy is very excited.  He is a shameless Cameron Crowe fan.  We welcome two new guests to Moving the Needle 2.0: Dan, who is a film blogger and musician who joined us for the Mad Max episode in May 2015.  He was also a co-host on his former Criterion-focused film podcast, Focus on Film.  Amy, a rock & roll insider, is both a chronic illness and entertainment blogger.  She joined Roy as a guest even further back in Roy and Sean’s earlier podcast, Synesthesia.  They were great guests separately, but they are exponentially better together!

Sean and Roy open the show and introduce the movie, but they happily become shaded like the t-shirt after.  We interweave discussions about the movie with Henno’s, Dan’s, and Amy’s stories about famous musicians they know and life on the road.  They discuss band rifts as well.  Roy was never much of a concert guy, but he tells a story about the last concert he may ever go to. Join us for some really cool road stories and split opinions about the quality of the movie.  We thank you for listening!

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Learn more about our guests:

Dan’s The DanMan Can blog  
Dan on Instagram
Amy’s Demystification Blog
Amy’s Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind Blog
Amy on Instagram
Amy on Twitter

Episode 31 – Infectious Grooves 2: Eclectic Bugaboos

This week, we double down on guests and go after more earworms.  We invite past guests Kristin from the How Was Your Week, Honey Podcast and Kyle from our first round of Moving the Needle.  This time, we create a new earworm vocabulary.  As for the hosts, the tables turn a little between songs that worked this time but not last time (and vice-versa).  Please join us for 12 fun and/or torturous songs, and let us know what you think! 

Did you enjoy our guests?  Here is how to find more of them.

Kristin on Twitter
How Was Your Week, Honey? on Twitter
How Was Your Week, Honey? Podcast
Kristin’s blog
Kyle on Twitter

Austin Powers Vs So I Married an Axe Murderer

Episode 30 – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery vs. So I Married an Axe Murderer

This week, with the help of our “Journalism professor by day, TV reviewer by night” doctor friend, @saranetzley, we double-dip two of Mike Myers’ dual-role films.  First is the well-known and quoted British spy spoof.  The other is a cult classic that should be equally well-known and quoted, but somehow slipped through the cracks during its 1993 release. 

For at least two films and a great opening to the third, the Austin Powers films have delighted millions, been quoted often, and was a very popular Halloween costume in the late 90s.  So I Married an Axe Murderer is the Jan Brady of Mike Myers films.  Sandwiched between Wayne’s World and Austin Powers, SIManAM is the story of a beat poet who is terrified of marriage who might be dating Mrs. X – the lady who marries and kills her husbands.  You can argue that Jan eventually turned out to be the biggest catch of the three.  Will our panel agree SIManAM comes to the same conclusion?

Next episode: A yet-unnamed Earworms Part Two with @epic_lish and @kmaemaier

OldBoy (2003) movie review podcast - Moving the needle

Episode 29 – Oldboy

This fortnight, we are back with another movie to read!  This time, it’s Chan-wook Park’s 2003 Korean revenge thriller, Oldboy.  Jo suggested we discuss this film, so she comes back for the second straight show.  We are so glad she returned!

Oldboy gave us a lot to talk about.  We discuss revenge, justice, and guilt.  Is the protagonist a world-class villain, and is the protagonist really the antagonist?  Because this is fiction, we have fun with all these aspects.  As of June 2020, there are many free options to watch this wonderful film.  Take advantage and come and join us!

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Episode 28 – The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

This week, french surrealism is on the menu, We sink our teeth into Luis Bunuel’s 1972 french surrealist comedy masterpiece, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.

We are joined this week by Jo, a friendly ghost from MTN’s past to help us wade through the often ephemeral storylines, and persistently opaque meanings of this dense, playful dream world. No matter your experience or feelings towards art films, you will likely find a shared perspective within this episode.

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Episode 27 – A Quarantine Queue (to Quaff Querulousness)

This week, we welcome the return of the lovely Carmelita (@CarmelitaSays on Twitter) to discuss some of what we watched while we sheltered in place.  We discussed (in no particular order): The Hunt, I Still Believe, The Last Kingdom, Upload, Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Rectify, Little Fires Everywhere, Star Trek: Picard, and Avenue 5.  We hope you enjoy this episode and come out with some good ideas for future viewing.  

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Episode 26 – Con Air vs. The Rock

We are delighted to have Sara Netzley, (@SaraNetzley on Twitter) journalism professor by day and TV reviewer by night to discuss Nic Cage in back-to-back roles in 1996 and 1997.  Historically, our versus series asks which movie we love more knowing we really like them both.  Tonight, the rules have changed.  There are haters on both sides.  Dr. Netzley’s topic brought the heat.  

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Episode 25 – Test of Time: The Blues Brothers

On our latest episode, we travel back to 1980 to discuss the first film adapted from a Saturday Night Live skit, the Blues Brothers.  Fueled by hi-jinx, car chases, copious amounts of cocaine, and superstars from both music and film; we ask if this film passes the test of time.  We are joined by serial podcast guest, Carmelita (@CarmelitaSays)

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Episode 24 – Top Secret!

This week, we dive into another Abrahams, Zucker, and Zucker film, Top Secret!  For those of you who expect another panel of A grades (like Airplane! earned last week), we’re about to violate the Geneva Convention

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Episode 23 – Airplane!

This week, we are joined by a very special guest. Dana from the hit podcast, the Dana Buckler show, sits down with us to discuss the 1980 disaster film spoof classic, Airplane! You can find Dana on Twitter @DanaBuckler and his podcast Hopefully, you didn’t pick the wrong week to quit a fun podcast.

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Episode 22 – Clueless

 This week, we transition from Clue to Clueless.  It’s for our own amusement.  😉

Clueless was a popular film.  Released in 1995, it’s full of style, great clapback insults, and Dan Hedaya!  We ask questions about about the Josh-Cher age difference and how it goes largely ignored.  Does this translate to a high letter grade?  

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Episode 21 – Clue

Bayleigh returns to Moving The Needle, WOOHOO!!!! We go back to 1985 and talk CLUE! You can find Bayleigh on Twitter @Fraulein89 and check out her podcast Sweet Sweet Garbage

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Episode 20 – Infectious Grooves

It’s a music episode and Kyle joins us this week to burrow into your ear holes with some Infectious Grooves. Enjoy….or not!

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Episode 19 – Pet Films: Sneakers

Sara Netzley, journalism professor by day, author and TV reviewer by night, returns to Moving The Needle to present a pet film, the 1992 hacker heist movie, Sneakers. 

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Episode 18 – Pet Films: Road House

This week on Moving The Needle we go dump truck deep on Roy’s pet film, the 80’s romantic action blast Road House.

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Episode 17 – 12 Monkeys

Stef is back with Bruce Willis’ butt to discuss 12 Monkeys and does it stand the test of time travel and remain contagious or falls flat from inoculation.

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the watchmen

Episode 16 – Watchmen

Sara Netzley, journalism professor by day and TV reviewer by night, returns to Moving The Needle to talk Watchmen.  We attempt to unpack a very dense miniseries.  Was it perfect?  Do we all agree?  If we didn’t catch all the references, is it fair to lower the grade?  We cover this and much more while we discuss the wonderful HBO miniseries.  

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Episode 15 – Rise Of Skywalker


The Skywalker Saga comes to a close and we are joined by Steve from the RezD channel, The Mousecast and Newsroom podcasts. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Thanks for listening!

Episode 14 – Grosse Point Blank

Since, “Rom-Coms R Dead,” we’ve been looking for a reason to have romance novelist and journalism professor, the lovely Sara Netzley, back for an episode.  We are very happy to have her back to discuss the 1997 quirky Rom-Com, “Grosse Point Blank.

Episode 13 – The C#ntry Song Incident

The guilty pleasure songs saga continues…

This week we are joined by Kristin Maier; proud Canadian, Mommy (not Mummy, it’s the outrageous accent) Blogger and the Mrs. to the Mr. of the, ‘How Was Your Week Honey?’ Podcast, to dump on some of our well-loved songs.
The stakes are raised as we mix Hip-Hop, Metal, Christmas, Country AND Western music together to our bad, bad, bad behavior. Hide your kids, tuck the snowflakes away and join us this week.
You can find Kristin on Twitter @kmaemaier and her show @HWYWHoney follow her blog HoneyBears & SydneyBeans


Thanks for listening!


Episode 12 – Pet Films: Goon

For our twelfth episode Henno brings in Goon as his choice for a new Pet Films episode.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 11 – Disenchantment

For our eleventh episode Stefanie brings in the Matt Groening Netflix release Disenchantment for us to review.

Thanks for listening

Episode 10 – Rom Coms ‘R Dead

For our tenth episode we bring you something new; Change My Mind. We introduce special guest Sara Netzley, journalism professor by day and TV reviewer by night, to debate Rom Coms ‘R Dead. It’s Roy vs. the MTN World!

Thanks for listening

Episode 9 – Test of Time: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Sean, Roy, Stef and Henno review the 1989 classic Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. We attempt to see if 30 years have been kind to this film, or if “strange things are afoot at the Circle-K”. Join us and find out.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 8 – Pet Films: You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Sean introduces our first Pet Film on MTN-Pod rev. 2.0 and Roy, Stef and Henno mess with the Sean but never the Zohan.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 7 – Summer Movie Wrap Up

Summer movie season is coming to a close so Roy, Stef and Henno chat about the ones we saw.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 6 – On The QT

It’s just Sean, Roy, and Henno this week to discuss Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and how it fits into the rest of Quentin Tarantino’s filmography.

Thanks for listening!

Covers of the Damned

Episode 5 – Covers Of The Damned

Will Sean, Roy, Stef and Henno find shame or absolution for their choice of cover tunes this episode? Joining them at the mercy of the Court Of Shame are Palmer and Chris Maier from the Our Liner Notes Podcast.
Thanks for listening!

Episode 4 – Rocky vs. Creed


This round, we go to our respective corners and discuss two great films: Rocky and Creed. Sean, Roy, Stef and Henno discuss both of them individually and go over the tale of the tape to come to a decision over which film we prefer. There is a split decision. Come check us out to see if the champion is the I-talian Stallion or Baby Creed.
Thanks for listening!


Episode 3 – Court Of Shame


Song Shaming Is BACK!!!! Sean, Roy, Stef and Henno bring in guilty pleasure songs from the first decade of their lives and throw themselves at the mercy of the Court Of Shame.
Thanks for listening!

Episode 1 – Terrorists In Movies

Moving The Needle Podcast is BACK!!! In ep1 Sean, Roy, Stefanie and Henno bring their favorite terrorists in movies.

Episode 2 – Test Of Time: Do The Right Thing

Sean, Roy, Stef and Henno review the 1989 Spike Lee cinematic classic, Do The Right Thing. A film that “bristled in the veins of moviegoers when it landed in theaters in the summer of 1989.” Does it hold up after 30 trips around the sun? Join us and find out.
Thanks for listening!

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